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Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Get Armor at Thalmberg?

Looking for armor in Thalmberg

In order to get out of the castle without causing suspicion, in the first quest Kingdom Come Deliverance you need to find armor in Talmberg. They will help reduce the guard's vigilance and the task will be completed. But where do you get this armor?

So, to start the quest, you need to go to the guard (guard Radim) and tell him directly about everything - that you need to bury your parents and therefore you want to escape from the castle. At the same time, the guard will be deeply moved, will tell you that it will be necessary to change clothes in order to be inconspicuous and the task "Find the Talmberg Guard's Arms" will start.

The guard Radim will pity you and tell you what to do

Lock Pick

To get armor you need a master key. If you have not received it at the beginning of the game. then it can always be purchased from Votava, a merchant who sits in the square in the center. To make money on the master key, you can steal everything that happens and carry Vauta. Then you will have money for the master key.

Merchant Votava

Also, Stephanie can give you some money if you talk heart to heart and tell her about your plan. In general, there are many useful things in the kitchen that can be stolen and sold to Water.

Thalmberg guardian armor in a chest on the wall!

When buy a master key - go to the castle. As you enter - turn right onto the stairs. Upstairs go up the wall and see a small room. In her chest. Opened with a simple master key. Before this, we recommend to save, since there are random outcomes in the game - you can break the master key. And yes - do not enter the room if there is someone there. We must wait when they talk and come out. Then go inside, close the door behind you and start unlocking the chest.

We open the chest with the master key that we bought from Votava

Inside the open chest you will find what you need, including armor. So, put on the armor of the Talmberg guards and go to Radim, he will release you disguised. The quest is over, congratulations.

Video how to find armor

You can watch this intelligibly all chewing video about searching for armor:

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