In the Forsaken World review below, we’ll tell you about one of the latest updates, Forsaken World: Nightfall, which allowed us to look at the game with a completely different look and attracted hundreds of new players to the gameplay. So, what's new in Nightfall and why is it in the top of the

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Not all games are created in order to kill time, some may delay the plot so much so that it is very difficult to unstick from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. As a rule, such games are developed by professionals in their field, large companies that put tons of effort into the graphics and

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People love to communicate and for this purpose buy their own smartphones and phones. But there are situations in which a simple refusal to communicate with a person who is not interested in you or even disgusted does not work. For this, black lists were invented. They were invented long before the

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So we got to a large overview of the strategy of a global scale Civilization Revolution 2, in which you will not manage specific cities or solve the problems of local conflicts, but immediately threaten to conquer the whole world. As always - you can download the game from the official website at

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It was just recently - IT giant Google announced a new update of its Android mobile operating system to version 4.4.2, which, according to a long-standing tradition, was associated with a delicacy - KitKat sweets. Some time has passed, this version is already outdated to some extent and some games

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Most of the so-called survival games on Android are associated with the onset (according to the plot of the game) of any global cataclysms on planet Earth or with the conditions in which the main character falls. The fashion for zombies in survival games on Android has not passed and, most likely,

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Have you ever wanted to have an aquarium? The iQuarium app for Android will allow you to finally realize this dream. This program will surely please fans of various relaxing programs. The principle of operation of iQuarium reminds everyone familiar to Tamagotchi. You need to monitor your pet, feed

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Modern Conflict 2 for Android is a continuation of the popular eponymous online real-time strategy, which all gamers of this genre necessarily know. You will command a tank unit, performing the task of capturing enemy territories. This should be done with minimal losses and as soon as possible. As

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All superhero lovers will definitely appreciate this game. The immense Marvel Universe is now in your mobile phone! Colorful game, realistic battles, a forum with sociable people. Marvel: Battle of Champions can be downloaded for free on Android. In the game, you can make purchases by promoting

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We present to your attention a wonderful ski simulator reduction, thanks to which it will become real to receive a huge dose of adrenaline, enjoy high-speed movement, as well as the ability to perform large-scale single combinations, and entire episodes of mixed curls. Only the direct mountain air

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