LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (mod)

Marvel Super Heroes on Android for free with the cache.

Marvel's universe is again on your android gadget, but this time the graphics are made in Lego style. So what? After all, this game does not become worse, and in many respects even wins from the standard ways of representing comic book characters. On this page you can download the hacked and original LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game for Android, with or without cache.

Gameplay and plot

The plot largely repeats the storyline of films of recent years, there are anti-heroes and there are heroes, and the second one has to crawl out of the skin to prevent the first. One of the main anti-heroes in this part of the game is Loki - the god of mischief and pranks, Thor’s brother, who is a positive character. And it is precisely Loki’s plans that must be prevented from preventing him from uniting with other villains and destroying the Earth or the Universe or whatever they constantly want to destroy.

At the time of the start of the gameplay, Loki and Doctor Doom have time to put on and blow up the board of the Silver Surfer. Well, we are waiting for the arrival of Galactus. Rather, we are preparing for the fact that we will have to polish him a snout, but before that we must get ahead of Loki and Duma, collecting all the blocks that the board has scattered on.

Still, there are differences from the plot in Marvel Super Heroes. For example, you can play for Wolverine, which in the original versions of films has not yet appeared in the frame at the same time, say, with the Hulk or the Iron Man. Here he is, and he is still as angry and unbalanced. The mod for money will help to pump each of your hero much faster than if you play and go through the whole game yourself. By the way, you can also download the cache with all open missions and heroes.

The format of the game is suitable for the whole family, that is, even children from 6 years old can play this version. There is no blood and clearly expressed violence. All the characters and their enemies look like Lego figures and most importantly - no one dies in the game, just the fallen hero disappears. The control is very convenient, the virtual joystick on the screen can be easily controlled by a flying Iron Man and an angry Hulk.

Gameplay is replete with fights with enemies that you know well from comics.

What heroes are present?

The developers have tried and in this part made almost all Marvel permanent representatives playable - Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, Loki, Thor, Ant-Man, Creature, Doctor Doom, Venom, Wonderful Woman, Doctor Octopus, Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy in full force, as well as many, many other actors that you, of course, know.


- Genre: action, adventure
- Status: free, hacked mod
- Version: 1.11.1
- Platform Version: Android 4.0.3
- Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
- Cache: with cache

Download original apk, latest version

Download Lego Marvel Super Heroes mod apk (all heroes open)

Download Lego Marvel Super Heroes mod apk (unlimited money)

Download cache Lego Marvel Super Heroes


If someone is interested to see the full passage of this game on Android - you can watch this video:
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