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Mod apk DC Legends: Battle for Justice

DC Comic Game on Android. Download for free.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice - this is the name of this game in the original. It was created specifically for DC Comics fans by the Warner Bros. team. and, as its rating in the official Google Playlist shows, fans rated this creation very high. The whole thing, most likely, in the plot, created in the spirit of the comics of the universe DC.

Gameplay and plot

Of course, we must save all the good from all the bad. In the comics, after all, there is always a similar plot. Therefore, this game on Android by DC comics is played so easily. The most important villain in the DC Legends game of this version is Necron, the founder of the Black Lantern Corps (he resurrected the fallen Green Lanterns and forced him to serve). To win the story, you must first prevent a split in the environment of superheroes and gather your team, with which you will go to victory. If you play on the passage without the mod - the rooms will open as they pass.

Rooms in the DC Legends game for Android 4.

The main part of the game is a battle with opponents. As it should be in turn-based battles, the heroes and their opponents will attack in turn. Here, the developers have tried to recreate the gaming environment, which would go through the plot of comics. That is, Batman, for example, uses a high-tech weapon in a fight, Superman confines himself to a laser out of his eyes and fists, Flash - discharges and speed. Everything is canonical and very colorful, if you follow the characters of DC-comics, you will enjoy the game, and even more so hacking DC Legends: Battle for Justice. Of the benefits of hacking - great damage when attacking and open rooms of the plot.

The format of the battles in the DC Legend - three by three, step by step.

By the way, you can choose your own attacking heroes yourself, but there is also an interesting option - an automatic battle where a computer will fight for you. So the percentage of victories is also high, the computer is not a loser, that's for sure. Each victory in passing rooms gives your team superheroes points, increasing damage and vitality. Strength and health you really need when you get to the leader, Necron. Yes, and on the way to it you are waiting for surprises, for which you are definitely not ready. But let's not make spoilers here, see for yourself.

If you do not want to follow the plot, but, for example, find out who is stronger, Batman or Superman, then in DC Legends: There is a battle for justice on Android and it is possible to go 1 in 1. The burglary will allow you to cheat a little of course, but playing for a comic book hero that has been pumped to the maximum is even more interesting. We offer to download three options for mod and mega mode, choose for yourself - to activate superpowers or not.


- Genre: role-playing
- Status: free, hacked mod
- Version: 1.23.2
- Platform Version: Android 4.4
- Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
- Cache: without cache

Download DC Legends for Android(mod all open)

Download DC Legends for Android (high damage mod)

Download DC Legends for Android (megamod: high damage + everything open)

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