Teslagrad for Android

The gameplay is very friendly and simple. But you need to think with your head.
Teslagrad - adventure puzzle for Android with two-dimensional graphics. If anyone misses simple games and doesn’t mind stretching their brains, download.


A very creative two-dimensional game for Android with cartoon graphics and simple controls. But do not think that everything will be as easy to go as in games, like Mario on old game consoles. Think of the game Teslagrad will have, and sometimes you have to even very much strain your brains.

In the story you will have to help the king Electropii, who is fighting a sect of technological sorcerers, who have headquarters in the form of a gloomy tower in the middle of the city. You will be armed with a terrible weapon called Teslamancer, the technology of treatment which is open only to the elect. The gameplay in the game Teslagrad for Android is equipped with good music. You will definitely like it.

The whole game is built on the principle of an action puzzle, and the main force in it is electricity. It will help you pass the levels and solve complex problems. This does not mean that you need to complete an electrician's specialty, but without at least basic knowledge in the field of electricity you cannot play the game. Logic you will use in this game often. Do not think that everything is very difficult, just play and reason!


- Genre: Adventures (Action Puzzle)
- Status: free
- Version: 1.8
- Platform Version: Android 5.0 or higher
- Developer: Playdigious
- Cache: with cache

Download Teslagrad for Android [latest version 1.8]

Download OBB for Teslagrad

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