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We get root-rights for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x

Get root-rights to Android on the Xiaomi Redmi 4 phone using a computer and a cord. Manual.
Why is all users so eager to get root-rights to their newly purchased phone? Firstly because it is fashionable. The remaining reasons are not so important, as most people buy a smartphone with the purpose of calling and surfing the Internet, with which Xiaomi copes well without root-rights, but we still list them:

- it is possible to change the system files and even delete them,
- it is possible to change the system settings,
- it is possible to patch games, disabling their requests for reconciliation of licenses,
- it becomes possible to delete applications that are installed by default and are frustrated by the lack of the ability to delete them on the stock settings.

The remaining reasons will be listed in the context of the issue of obtaining root-rights specifically for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x, because such permissions for each individual phone open up their possibilities and they may vary from different manufacturers. For example, in Xiaomi, full administrator rights give privileges in the following parts:

- remove ads in applications (yes, the brand takes less money from you for a gadget with the goal of getting them back, broadcasting advertisements in the tail and in the mane),
- carry out backup of the system image using Acronis-type utility applications on a PC,
- increase the read/write speed of the SD disk (memory card),
- carry out video capture directly from the screen of the smartphone (Bandicam is the most famous program for such actions on a computer),
- save browser cache to the DS card (this helps, for example, to download music from VKontakte),
- much more for all sorts of dark business.

So, we expressed our opinion, now let's talk about - how to get root-rights to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x and is it safe at all?

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Is it safe to get root-rights on Xiaomi Redmi Noth 4x via computer?

All online resources that offer a scheme for obtaining full access rights to the file and software environment of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x begin their descriptions of the process with the words that they are not responsible for anything and that this is your initiative, your phone and your problems. Clear the stump is not particularly safe, because we are writing this article, based on successful examples of getting root-rights on the 4th Xiaomi, and you can use the tips on a completely different firmware and get a brick.

Therefore, we will answer this way: at the time of writing this article, we didn’t have problems with obtaining ROOT rights for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x, however, we recommend using these methods only when absolutely necessary and be immediately aware that the consequences of improper performance the procedures will fall only on your shoulders, because we do not call for doing these manipulations unnecessarily. If you agree - then let's go. A step-by-step guide to getting root-rights to Redmi Note 4x then Xiaomi in front of you:

Program for root-rights on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x: Kingo Root

The most famous and fastest program to cope with this task. In the service center, an experienced employee takes no more than 3.5 minutes, of which 3 minutes he tries to insert the USB cable into the laptop on the right side (just kidding). The sequence of actions is as follows:

1. Download the program from the link below (18 MB),
2. Install it on your computer or laptop running Windows,
3. Enable USB debugging,
4. Use the original micro USB cable that came with your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x to connect your computer with the phone,
5. Wait for the program to detect your device and report it.
6. Click on the Root button and wait for all the necessary manipulations. Next, the phone will reboot itself and the root-rights setting will already be set on it.

Video for clarity.

Download program Kingo ROOT for PC

Program SuperSU

Another program to get root-rights to your Redmi Note 4x (4) which can be started directly from the phone, indicating the downloaded archive. The only amendment is to start the phone in this case in recovery mode. A step-by-step guide to getting root through the SuperSU program is:

1. Download the archive with the program and save it on your phone,
2. Transfer your Redmi Note 4x to the TWRP-Recovery mode. For this:

- turn it off,
- hold down the on / off and volume up buttons,
- wait until the recovery mode starts,
- select the Install item and specify the downloaded archive (link below),
- Swipe right when “Swipe to confirm Flash” appears and wait for it to complete,
- click on "Wipe cache/dalvik" and agree with "Reboot system" (in some versions of this item may not be, watch the video process for clarity),
3. wait for reboot and enjoy root-rights.

Download archive SuperSU

Root Genius

Root Genius is the second most popular program for obtaining the right of root for Android Redmi Note 4x from a computer, because it appeared in wide access even before Kingo Root. It also works quickly and smoothly, and with the help of our step-by-step guide you will cope with the task in a short time. So your actions should be like this:

1. Download the program from the link below, unpack the archive on your computer,
2. Run the program from the unpacked archive
3. Turn on USB debugging and connect your Xiaomi to the computer through the original cable,
4. Wait for the definition of the type of your device and the appearance on the screen of the inscription: "Root now" - the process of obtaining root-rights started,
5. After rebooting the phone, you have root-rights, hooray!

Download program Root Genius для Компьютера

Video for clarity.

Do root-rights affect warranty Redmi Note 4x?

Yes, they do. And if something happens to your phone and you have to carry it to the warranty service center, you should remove the root-rights and return the firmware to the factory one. In the next article we will talk about how to do it correctly.
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