Do you want to install PUBG Mobile emulator on PC? Let's first clarify the system requirements that apply to the "hardware" and find out whether your computer will pull the game. Why emulator? Because the price, which in Steam was set at PUBG, not everyone wants to pay. Yes, there are sales, in

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The abundance of unwanted programs on Android in the modern Internet is such that you can “kill” your Xiaomi Redmi 4a in just a few weeks. And if you are also an amateur get Root rights on the phone and put there everything, then you can cope with this task even faster. As a result, the phone

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How to quickly and safely get root rights (access to the Android file system at the superadmin level) on Android 4.4.2 (Kit-Kat)? There are two ways - through the application and through the computer, by connecting your Android gadget to it via the cord. Both the first and second methods are safe

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Root rights are needed to access files and features that are hidden from users by default. For example, in the last article we discussed - how to remove pre-installed applications On Android, which are not removed by regular methods. True, not always in this case, the rights of the

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On this page you will find information on how to remove a simple ad virus from Android. Advertising viruses open pop-up advertising windows and do no other harm, but they are very annoying. An epidemic of pop-unders began (from the English "pop-under" - to emerge from under) 4 years ago, when a

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How to remove programs on the phone that are not in the list of installed? Rather, they are there, they were bundled immediately after the purchase of the gadget, but the delete button is inactive and is it possible only to remove the latest updates of this program, which will then download anyway?

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Why is all users so eager to get root-rights to their newly purchased phone? Firstly because it is fashionable. The remaining reasons are not so important, as most people buy a smartphone with the purpose of calling and surfing the Internet, with which Xiaomi copes well without root-rights, but we

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Android 5.1 Lollipop brought new features to users, but at the same time added new problems. On the one hand, the Google company wants to protect its users from those who fraudulently seized their phone and, through resetting, wants to bypass the gadget lock. This service is called Google FRP Lock.

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Resetting Google account on devices running Android can be done in different cases. For example, you bought a Samsung Gelaxi J3 phone on Android, tied to another account that was not untied by the owner, or you inherited it - it does not matter. The second situation is when you need to cope with a

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Why do you need to get root-rights and why do owners of smartphones running Android so zealously try to do it right after they acquire a new gadget? The fact is that ROOT-rights open a number of additional functions of this operating system and give administrative rights, without which many

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