A good sight in World Of Tanks is half the success. The second half consists of the directness of the hands and the ability not to be a deer, although not everyone masters this ability even after thousands of skating rinks. The Shaytan sight for World of Tanks by ZorroJan: one of the most common

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The game Shadow Fight 3 came out to replace its "predecessor" - of the second part of the already legendary fighting game and it came out very, very on time. By the way, if someone did not know, the developers of this game are our guys from Russia, the Nekki company. And the game was created before

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Cover Fire - the best of free offline shooters for Android from the team Genera Games, was released under the slogan "Shoot to kill." Firmly occupies the first lines of the ratings of the games of the genre of action Gameplay The plot of the game Cover Fire on Android is built around the opposition

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Do you want a real drive to Minecraft, but are tired of walking with a hoe and kicking chickens? Yes, kids grow up and begin to want to see weapons, vehicles, robots, tanks and helicopters and airplanes in this addictive cubic game. It was for such connoisseurs of military equipment and weapons in

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Mod Morphing for Minecraft version 1.12.2 is needed in order to make it possible to turn into mobs, which the player killed. If you want to have some fun or pretend to be a rag, without causing interest to appear next to your friends and listen to their secrets (joke) - this mod will fit perfectly.

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Useful Backpacks - mod for backpacks, very convenient and easy to use. This version of the mod is designed for the version of Minecraft 1.12.2. Putting it on the computer, in the game, you can choose one of three proposed options for backpacks: 1. Small, 2. Medium 3. Great. Backpacks allow you to

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Мод MrCrayfish s Furniture - is the best-known opportunity today to add furniture and interior objects to your house in Minecraft, change the decor, install lights and generally make a home look like a furnished house. This mod was developed a long time ago by American craftsmen, but it remains

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Helpful Villagers - mod on Minecraft, putting that you can get the villagers to work for you. In free translation, it is called so - useful bushmen or useful villagers. If you are tired of cutting trees, working in a mine or collecting crops for ungrateful pigs, you will love this mod. With it, you

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Marvel's universe is again on your android gadget, but this time the graphics are made in Lego style. So what? After all, this game does not become worse, and in many respects even wins from the standard ways of representing comic book characters. On this page you can download the hacked and

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DC Legends: Battle for Justice - this is the name of this game in the original. It was created specifically for DC Comics fans by the Warner Bros. team. and, as its rating in the official Google Playlist shows, fans rated this creation very high. The whole thing, most likely, in the plot, created

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